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Baby Safety Lock

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The installation process is a breeze – just clean the surface, peel off the adhesive, stick the latch to the frame, attach the lock to the door, and close it shut. With an effective distance of 38mm/1.5in for most furniture, you can have peace of mind knowing your children are protected.

Features: - Powerful magnetic energy - Easy installation in just a few steps - Maximum effective distance of 38mm/1.5in

Advantages: - Provides a secure way to keep curious kids out of cabinets and drawers - No need for keys or complicated mechanisms - Works effectively on most types of furniture

Benefits: - Peace of mind while you're away from home - Keeps your babies safe from potential hazards - Simple and convenient solution for childproofing your home

Don't let worries about your little ones' safety hold you back – get the Baby Safety Lock today and enjoy peace of mind!
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